DynaSun 2x EL9312 Double Bracket Kit Complementary Double Support. It allows you to mount other bars on the single backdrop holder , transforming it into a backdrop holder Triple


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The DynaSun EL 9312 triple stand offers a convenient solution for those looking to utilize multiple backdrops without the hassle of constant changes. Positioned at the upper part of the stands, each support securely attaches to the stands through the central bar fixing system. This ingenious design allows for the mounting of 2 additional bars, maximizing versatility.

Assembly of the DynaSun EL 9312 triple stand is straightforward, requiring only one person for installation. By simplifying the process of managing multiple backdrops, these supports streamline workflow and enhance efficiency.

Especially compatible with the FS901 backdrop holder system, the DynaSun EL 9312 triple stand is an ideal choice for photographers and creators seeking seamless backdrop transitions.

Technical information

* Allows you to have multiple backdrops on the same backdrop support

* Quick assembly, ready to use

* Dimensions: 23 x 6cm


* 2x DynaSun EL9312 Mounts