Electronic Keyboard MK2069 54 Keys with Illuminated Keys with Rec Functions, Intelligence Teaching, Illuminated Keys, Demo, Integrated Speakers


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Introducing the DynaSun MK2069 Key Lighted 54-Key Portable Keyboard, an exceptional instrument designed for aspiring musicians and seasoned players alike. This all-inclusive bundle offers everything you need to kickstart your musical journey with ease and excitement.


Perfect for Beginners and Intermediates:

Ideal for novice musicians and those looking to enhance their skills, the MK2069 Portable Keyboard Value Bundle from DynaSun provides a comprehensive package for immediate music-making adventures. With its intuitive design and robust features, it's the perfect companion for your musical exploration.


Comprehensive Bundle:

The bundle includes the MK2069 Portable Keyboard, alongside the indispensable Survival Kit, comprising a power adapter, a music stand, and a microphone. With these essentials at your disposal, you'll be ready to unleash your creativity and dive into the world of music right away.


Key Features of the MK2069 Portable Keyboard:

The DynaSun MK2069 is a cutting-edge portable keyboard equipped with Key Light keys, featuring 54 keys that cater to a wide range of musical styles and preferences. Its flagship Teaching Key Light system offers unparalleled performance and functionality, making it an ideal choice for beginners.


Intelligent Teaching Function:

For those new to playing the piano, the MK2069 offers an array of intelligent teaching functions designed to facilitate learning and practice. From finger placement guidance to comprehensive music training resources, it's never been easier to master the art of playing music.


Versatile Sound Library:

Enjoy a vast collection of 16 high-quality sound samples, spanning classical and modern genres, courtesy of the MK2069's custom sound library. Whether you're performing solo or exploring different musical styles, the keyboard provides a rich and immersive sonic experience.


Interactive LCD Display:

At the heart of the MK2069 lies an interactive LCD display, accompanied by dedicated interface buttons for seamless control over various parameters. With real-time access to settings and features, you can customize your playing experience with precision and ease.


Dynamic Performance Capabilities:

Experience the full range of musical expression with the MK2069's dynamic performance capabilities. From realistic rhythms and effects to modulation control for enhanced sound manipulation, the keyboard offers endless creative possibilities for musicians of all levels.


Built-in Accompaniment Styles:

Choose from a diverse selection of 100 built-in styles covering a wide spectrum of musical genres. Whether you're jamming to rock, jazz, gospel, or country, the MK2069 acts as your personal backing band, providing authentic accompaniment for your performances.


Convenient and Portable Design:

Featuring built-in speakers with stereo processing and a headphone output for private practice, the MK2069 offers unparalleled convenience and portability. Its compact dimensions and lightweight construction make it the perfect companion for on-the-go musicians.


Whether you're looking for a simple practice instrument or a versatile performance tool, the DynaSun MK2069 Key Lighted Portable Keyboard offers an unparalleled blend of functionality, versatility, and convenience. Unlock your musical potential and embark on a journey of creativity and expression with this exceptional instrument.

Technical information

* 54-key layout with Key Light keys

* LED Display for easy navigation

* Extensive sound library with 100 timbres and 100 rhythms

* Versatile percussion options and demonstration songs

* Comprehensive control features including tempo, volume, and chord functions

* Built-in microphone output and speaker/headphone jack

* Dimensions: 858x335x107mm

* Power options: DC9V/AC Adapter (included) or "D" batteries (not included)


* MK2069 Key Lighted Portable Keyboard

* Power Adapter

* Music Stand

* Basic Microphone

* Instruction Manual