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Discover an absolute novelty in the field of photo studio backgrounds. The DynaSun fabric background allows you to take modern and professional photos without any space problems and without complicated handling. This high-quality background is ideal for portrait, studio and product photography as well as for video recordings.

The DynaSun fabric background is made of durable cotton fabric that is characterized by its high quality and durability. With its generous dimensions, it offers a seamless background surface that avoids annoying lines and shadows in your pictures. This is particularly important for professional applications where perfection is crucial.

Thanks to its low weight and easy handling, the DynaSun fabric background is ideal not only for use in the studio, but also for mobile photo shoots. The fabric is easy to transport and can be set up and dismantled quickly, giving you maximum flexibility. In addition, the variety of colors and patterns available allows photographers and videographers to realize their creative vision in the best possible way.

This background is made from 100% cotton, a material valued for its natural properties and high quality. Unlike cheaper alternatives such as polypropylene or synthetics, cotton does not reflect light and provides a uniform, matte surface. The fabric thickness of 140 g/m² ensures that the background is robust and durable, guaranteeing a long lifespan, even with intensive use.

The hemmed edges of the DynaSun fabric background prevent the fabric from fraying and ensure a clean, professional look. The background can be easily hung on any background system, making its uses even more versatile. In addition, the fabric is washable at 40 degrees, so you can easily clean it if necessary to ensure a flawless appearance every time.

The DynaSun fabric background is the perfect choice for professional photographers and videographers looking for a reliable and high-quality background. With its combination of functionality and quality, it offers the best conditions for perfect shots. Give your projects the ideal background with the DynaSun fabric background!

Technical information

• Ideal for photo and video recordings

• Seamless (without center seam)

• Made of high-quality cotton fabric (muslin)

• Does not reflect light, offers a matte surface

• Robust and durable

• Washable at 40 degrees


DynaSun fabric background