DynaSun FT2855 Professional Shoulder Support Shoulder Stand complete with accessories, Setting Plates Quick Attachment Plate, Ideal Transport Bag for Camera and Video Camera for Photographic Studio, Photo and Video

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Introducing the latest innovation in shoulder stabilization systems, the Pro Shoulder Support DYNASUN sets a new standard for comfort and control during extended shooting sessions. Engineered with ergonomics in mind, this shoulder support system is designed to significantly reduce fatigue, allowing photographers and videographers to focus on capturing the perfect shot without the strain of extended use.

With axial control and easy access to camera controls, the Pro Shoulder Support DYNASUN offers unparalleled convenience and versatility, enabling users to operate their cameras hands-free while maintaining full control over their shots. Whether you're shooting video or stills, this sophisticated support system provides exclusive stability and control that simply cannot be found in other models on the market.

Perfect for outdoor photography and videography, the Pro Shoulder Support DYNASUN is specifically tailored for use with camcorders, Handycams, and digital video cameras. With a weight capacity of up to 3.5 kg, it effortlessly accommodates a wide range of camera setups, ensuring stability and support even in challenging shooting environments.

Using the Pro Shoulder Support DYNASUN is a breeze. Simply attach your camcorder to the shoulder support camera platform, secure the shoulder support in place, and adjust the strap with the buckle to fit your body size comfortably. The collapsible design of the shoulder stand adds to its practicality, allowing for easy transportation and storage when not in use. Whether you're shooting on location or in the studio, the Pro Shoulder Support DYNASUN offers unmatched stability and control, empowering you to capture stunning footage with ease and confidence. (Example of use. Video not included)

Technical information

* Folding system for easy transportation

* Lightweight and compact

* Support protection protectors

* Comfortable for long uses

* It adapts to different structures thanks to the versatile fixing system

* Handfree function

* Supports weights up to 3.5 pounds

* Dampens vibrations

* Adjustable video distance


DynaSun Shoulder Mount Somita FT2855

* Fixing strap

* Quick coupling plate

* Adapter

* Support plate

* Carrying bag