DynaSun SPD Softbox Diffuser Universal Rectangular for Speedlight Flash Speedlite Speed-Lite


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The DYNASUN SPD Series Universal Softbox represents the epitome of convenience and versatility for photographers seeking to elevate their flash photography to new heights. Designed specifically for Speedlights and flashes with a hotshoe, this softbox offers a quick and easy solution to eliminate harsh contrasts and unflattering shadows that often result from using a camera-mounted flash.

Equipped with an adjustable mounting system, the DYNASUN SPD Series softbox effortlessly accommodates practically any flash unit, ensuring compatibility and ease of use across various setups.

The transformative effects of the DYNASUN SPD Series softbox are immediately noticeable in the softer, more natural-looking reflections on the subject's surface and lighter shadows, imparting a professional touch to your images that sets them apart from the ordinary. With this softbox, you have everything you need to achieve studio-like photography on a more professional level, right from the convenience of your camera-mounted flash.

Designed for maximum convenience, the DYNASUN SPD Series softbox folds flat for easy storage when not in use, making it a practical and space-saving addition to your photography kit. Its one-size-fits-all design ensures compatibility with a wide range of standard camera flashes.

In summary, the DYNASUN SPD Series Universal Softbox is the ultimate accessory for photographers who demand nothing but the best in terms of versatility, performance, and convenience. Whether you're shooting portraits, events, or creative projects, this softbox empowers you to achieve professional-quality results with ease, allowing your creativity to shine through in every shot.

Technical information

* Compatible with hot shoe flashes

* Easy to assemble

* Softens shadows

* Assembles in seconds


* DynaSun SPD Softboxes

* Carrying bag