Photo Studio Lighting Kit Torch Continuous Light Quartz Halogen DynaSun QL1000 1000W with Fan


Lighting & Studio




To meet new demands, DynaSun has designed a studio lighting kit to allow everyone to benefit from tailor-made lights with a minimum investment. It is an inexpensive solution for video, digital and film photography. The DynaSun QL1000 1000W Professional Studio Torch with Quartz Lighting is a very good solution for permanent lighting, video recording, image capture, and so on. The very sturdy metal housing is meticulously designed and of high quality. The ergonomic handle on the back of the studio light provides safe and easy handling.

Technical information

* Power: 1000Watts * Variable power control: 1/16 up to 1/1 * Illumination angle (beam width) 55° * Automatic cooling fan * Color temperature 3200°K * Very resistant metal assembly * Ball joint umbrella holder integrated into the stand * Applies to all standard studio tripods * Power supply: AC220V 50Hz * Speed ​​ring type: S- Type bayonet mount (3 7/8″ Bowens Type) * Comes with 7 reflector » * Power cable * Fuse: 10A * 1000w Quartz Halogen bulb * Integrated cooling fan


* DynaSun QL1000 Studio Lighting Kit * 1000w Quartz Bulb * Standard Metal Reflector * Power Cable