DynaSun WOF4005 Professional Lamp Holder for Flash Light Illuminator with E27 Socket, Switch and Umbrella Insert for Photographic Studio, Photo and Video




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The Lamp Holder is designed to effortlessly mount on any standard light stands, offering photographers and videographers enhanced flexibility and convenience in their setups. Its versatile design allows users to adjust both the umbrella and lights at various angles, ensuring optimal lighting conditions for different shooting scenarios.

Featuring a screw-in head, the  Lamp Holder caters to a wide range of lighting needs, whether it's photo floodlights or strobe lights, making it an essential tool for professional and amateur photographers alike. The intuitive swivel adapter empowers users with complete control over the positioning of their flash or slave units, enabling precise lighting adjustments to achieve desired effects.

With the swivel adapter, photographers can easily mount their slave units and fine-tune their placement on standard mount light stands, facilitating seamless integration into their setups. Whether it's for studio photography, on-location shoots, or creative lighting setups.

Lamp Holder offers reliability and versatility, empowering photographers to unleash their creativity and capture stunning visuals with ease.


Technical information

- Versatile and compact
- Colour: Black
- Angle Adjustable
- Screw in E27


* DynaSun WOF4005 E27 lamp holder