Original Fluorescence Filter FD / FL-D DynaSun FLD for Objectives with filter protection case


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Introducing the DynaSun FLD Slim Camera Lens Fluorescent Filter, an essential accessory for photographers seeking to achieve true-to-life colors in any lighting environment. Crafted with precision and equipped with advanced features, this filter is your key to capturing stunning images with accurate color rendition and pleasing skin tones.

Experience the transformative power of our fluorescent conversion filter, which not only corrects the unsightly green cast of fluorescent lights but also adds a touch of creativity to your sunset shots by infusing them with exciting violet hues. Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, our filter ensures that your images are free from color casts and exhibit vibrant, true-to-life colors that pop off the screen or print.

Designed to balance daylight under tungsten light, our FL-D filter is essential in any environment where fluorescent lighting is present. By blocking the blue and blue-green portion of the visible spectrum, it reduces excessive sensitivity to these wavelengths, helping to avoid blue tint and ensuring that colors are differentiated more evenly.

Perfect for portrait photography, our filter enhances skin tones under fluorescent lighting without the need for flash, resulting in natural-looking portraits that showcase the true beauty of your subjects. Whether you're shooting in a studio, office, or outdoor setting, our filter ensures consistent and accurate color reproduction, every time.

With its slim design, our fluorescent filter seamlessly integrates with your existing lens setup, providing a secure and reliable fit without adding unnecessary bulk.

Technical information

* Corrects Unwanted Color Cast: Neutralizes the harsh green tones typically emitted by fluorescent lights, resulting in more natural-looking and accurate color reproduction.

* Enhances Sunset Photography: Transform dull, gray sunsets into breathtaking violet hues, adding a touch of artistic flair to your outdoor evening shots. (Note: This is an advanced technique, experimentation recommended).

* The DynaSun FLD seamlessly integrates with a wide range of cameras.

* Achieve Flawless Skin Tones: Capture flattering and natural-looking skin tones in portraits even under artificial fluorescent lighting, eliminating the need for additional flash.