Puzzle Mat 36 Rubber Tiles (86 pieces) with Letters and Numbers Giant 180x180cm (3.24m2)






Stimulate your child's creativity and intuition with the Giant 36 Rubber Tile Puzzle Mat with Letters and Numbers. This washable puzzle mat offers hours of fun and is practical to use. In addition to developing motor skills, the mat stimulates the learning of letters and numbers, including all 26 letters of the alphabet and 10 numbers from 0 to 9, allowing your child to explore the fantastic world of the alphabet while playing .

Thanks to the four toothed sides of each piece, it is possible to transform the floor of your room into a colorful play base. With imagination and creativity, children can create houses, cubes, roads and much more. This rug can be used as a play mat, mat, playhouse or play surface. Furthermore, it offers high protection from cold floors, attenuates noise and protects delicate surfaces such as parquet and laminate.

This product is ideal for children's playrooms, providing a safe, educational and fun environment for their daily activities. With its colorful and eye-catching design, this giant puzzle mat is sure to become a favorite place for children to play, learn and have fun.

Technical information

Educational and Fun: Stimulates learning of letters and numbers while children play.

Creative and Versatile: Allows you to build different shapes such as houses, cubes and roads.

High Protection: Insulates from cold floors, attenuates noise and protects parquet and laminate.

Giant Size: 36 giant pieces measuring 32x32cm, covering a surface of 180x180cm.

Vibrant Colors: Each item features inspiring, vibrant colors that may vary.

Easy to Use: The tiles are easy to join, lightweight and easy to carry.

Waterproof and Non-Slip: Safe for children, easy to clean and water resistant.

Recommended Age: Suitable for children over 3 years old.

Protection from cold floors: The rubber layer insulates from the cold of the floor, offering greater comfort to children during their games.

Noise attenuation: The soft rubber helps muffle noise, making it ideal even in apartments or houses with close neighbors.

Surface protection: The rubber layer protects the floor from scratches and dents caused by children's games.

Easy transportation: The rug is lightweight and easy to fold, allowing you to easily transport it to any location.

Material: Washable, waterproof and non-slip rubber.

Dimensions: Each tile measures 32x32cm, for a total of 180x180cm (3.24m2).

Set composition: 26 tiles with letters (A-Z) and 10 tiles with numbers (0-9).

Assembly: Each element is made up of 2 or more pieces, such as the letter "B" made up of four parts or the number "2" made up of two parts.

Use: Ideal for playing at home, in the garden, on the terrace, at school or in the children's room.

Cleaning: Easy to clean with a damp cloth.


DynaSun Puzzle Mat 36 Tiles (86 pieces)